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Can you buy followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook?

How easy is it to purchase fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter and views on YouTube? Is it a clandestine affair where you have to discreetly scrounge around for trustworthy contacts? Do you need buy facebook followers a lot of money? Turns out, it is ridiculously simple — you don’t even have to leave your house.Key in the words ‘Buy Likes India’ and a number of websites that brazenly claim to do exactly that, spring up. They seem to be as shady as the they claim to peddle — they have primitive designs, layouts and use photographs of foreigners liberally while trying to prove the credentials of their very Indian owners. They do not exactly scream ‘reliable’.One among them is digital media and marketing business Digitrock — the company claims to sell Facebook likes on their website. But in an interview, the business’s Delhi-based co-founder Sachin Chauhan is quick to clarify that they do not sell likes, before admitting that the claim on the website is to generate traffic. “We do not purchase fans, we follow the rules and do only real marketing,” explains the 25-year-old B.Tech student. “But yes, there are many businesses that invest in buying fake fans.Social media professionals agree that the cost of a Facebook ‘like’ or a Twitter ‘follower’ can range between Re1-5 (and sometimes more), depending on the ‘quality’ of the ‘like’ or ‘follower’. While bigger companies could strike deals to get ‘bulk likes’ within a certain time frame, individuals who don’t have much money at their disposal but still want a quick way to bolster their online image can register themselves on a website like and hire a person for the task.This writer logged on to one such website, posing as a businesswoman, and shot an email to one of the several listed freelancers. Within a few hours, a Kathmandu-based freelancer replied asking for the project’s details. He claimed to have done it several times before, but refused to divulge further without being paid.”

Buy Facebook Fans! They’re Worth $174 More than Non-Fans On Average!

Every month, 12,100 people search on the keyword [buy Facebook fans], and there are two types of people who search for this query that worry me. The first type is someone who buy facebook followers via list believes that the number of Facebook fans they have is a measure of Facebook marketing success. Then there are those who make a living off of people who hold those beliefs. These people are necessary in any marketing function, but it becomes a problem when they lose track of the true value behind what a Facebook ”like” is supposed to stand for.In today’s post, I’ll be breaking down the misconceptions we hold about the value of a Facebook fan on your brand page, including three questions to ask about these kinds of studies, and then explain why buying Facebook fans is a bad idea.Back in April, Mashable reporter Todd Wasserman covered a report from Syncapse, a social media services company, on the value of a Facebook fan. And everyone started quoting the absurd $174 price tag. It didn’t go viral because it was great reporting (no offense Todd). It went viral because people only remembered the headline. Much of the actual reporting was skipped, causing misconceptions to be widespread. I’d like to caution readers of the WordStream blog to the dangers of summary statistics of any sort of data-driven report.Based on the way the survey was conducted, the results do not apply to you. As a matter of fact, it would be ridiculous for any brand that was a panelist to compare their fan worth against $174. However, compliments are due to the Syncapse marketing team for incorporating brands to make the study more relatable. We’ve done the same thing in our research on Google Earnings.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Facebook Likes

"Should I buy Facebook likes to boost my presence?" We get this question WAY more often than we should. When talking to people around the office, we thought the answer was a no-brainer – NEVER buy fans. Unfortunately, we've seen buy facebook likes far too many pages do just that. After a lot of reading, talking to some influential social media professionals, and using a little of our own common sense, we've answered the question.Below is a conversation that we sometimes have with clients, and one we wish we had with others before they made the decision to buy likes.I really want my Facebook page to look popular, and I’ve been thinking of buying Facebook likes. Is that OK? In a world where the amount of “Likes” a company has seems to reign supreme, it’s very tempting to get sucked into the vortex of wanting more likes than all of your competitors. However, when it comes to businesses or an organization, you want the people who like your page to be true supporters of your cause, product or company.These purchased likes are either a mixed bag of random people being paid by a company, or fake accounts altogether. Either way, those people do not truly value your company or organization. The likes you get are from spam accounts, which violates Facebook’s user policy. (This means they can get banned and deleted.) These "click farms" have generated a large profit, but it's not a business you or I want to be in.

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