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The Jaguar

The Jaguar, Panthera onca, may be the only person in the Panthera genus native to the Americas. It is additionally the greatest person in the cat family in a choice of of such two continents. Male Jaguars are about 100Kg and females about 80 Kg. The only cats greater than the Jaguar would be the Lion along with the Tiger.


Although it can be predominately a South American species, it's seen in central and North America at the same time. tube sex stporno In the northerly areas of its range it competes using the Cougar. The Jaguar ranges from Argentina in the south to Texas inside the North.

Confusion with the Leopard

The Jaguar is sometimes mistaken for a Leopard. The Leopard comes from Africa, Europe and Asia, so no confusion about identification should take place inside the wild. The Leopard is nearly smaller an average of. Jaguars have dots inside their rosettes while Leopards don't.

Black Panthers

The word Panther is confusing. It is sometimes used for any black, or near black Leopard or Jaguar. Black Jaguars are more common inside dense rainforest aspects of this animal's range. The ones that come from the more open areas generally the spotted pattern generally linked to this animal.

Hunting for Fur

In the past, huge numbers of Jaguars were killed for beautiful fur. The wearing of real fur is less fashionable currently, and the fur trade may be reduced. Hunting of Jaguars does still occur, however the biggest long term threat could be the decrease of their habitat. The Amazon Jungle has cleared.

Man Eating

Although a Jaguar can be a powerful animal and could definitely kill a Human, a lot of them don't. There is evidence of them freeporn following people, but many times they tend not to attack.


On another hand, Jaguars really are a real threat to domestic animals. They st porno com will even kill cattle and horses more than once their size. Some years ago some sheep were brought from Australia. Many were killed inside first night.


The only predator that this adult Jaguar dons land could be the Human Being. However, there really are a lot of Humans and Jaguars often come into conflict with your savage and destructive species.

Near Threatened

The Jaguar isn't in immediate danger of extinction although the trend at present is within that direction with generally decreasing numbers and rapid clearing of the company's preferred habitat.


Although cats hold the standing of not liking water, Jaguars seem quite thrilled to get wet. They are powerful swimmers and so are efficient at catching fish.
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